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Driving is exhausting. So we can understand if coffee, dust and salt get on your car’s interior over time. But wouldn’t you prefer to be equally comfortable and satisfied as soon as you open your door, rather than dreading what you’ll come across?

Our Interior car detailing service is designed to make your car’s interior look and feel fresh again. All the upholstery, mats, carpets, and even the dashboard are returned to a state that makes you love being in the car. The best part is that once it’s all cleaned up, not a drop of water or liquid leaves any permanent trace behind — so you should be able to love this service for years to come!

Our interior car cleaning service in Kitchener ON goes beyond the surface. We can work with a plethora of materials that you probably didn’t even know we were capable of cleaning for example suede, leather, upholstery and varnished wood floors. We’ve all had that one friend that had one too many drinks and ended up spilling their food on our car’s seats or floor mats. Hopefully, some of us don’t have friends like that but if you do, you should definitely choose us to come over and clean up you car!

interior car detailing kitchener

Our Process

We will keep you informed at all times. There will never be a time when you aren’t aware of what we’re doing, or why we’re doing it. We will also tell you if there’s any problems along the way. We won’t leave you wondering what’s going on.


Booking an appointment is easy! Simply provide us with your home or workplace address, infos about your vehicle, and when to meet you there.


Our detailers will meet you at your home or office on time, be fully equipped, and give your car high-quality detailing service.


While we are doing our job, you can take your time doing whatever you'd like to do, no need to wait, just relax.

Kitchener Most Trusted Interior Car Detailing Service


$ 99
  • On the interior we start with a blast of pressurized air that will loosen and remove all debris and dust followed by thoroughly vacuuming the entire vehicle. All cracks, crevices, vents, and under the seats are all cleaned. Then all vinyl and leather surfaces and trim are cleaned to a “like new” condition. The carpets and upholstery are then spot treated and extracted with our amazing commercial hot water extractor to deep clean and completely remove ground-in dirt and grime. All gauges, mirrors, and windows are then cleaned to perfection.


$ 40+
  • SUV - VAN - TRUCK 40$
  • Pet Hair Removal 60$
  • Odour Removal 99$
  • Extra Dirt 49$
  • Steam Sanitizing 49$

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